“I was impressed with Janel’s energy – teaching all those classes in one day! She is a good teacher, her instructions were good, music worked for me; pace could be a bit quick for me though – but it is an open class, and I felt welcome to go at my own pace. I was impressed she knew my name. Friendly and open; I enjoyed her teaching.”

~ Erin O, AREA Yoga Student

“I really thought she was great. She made it challenging – which I like – she kept things moving really well – the flow was great. Music was good – she is also has a really good warm welcoming, non-judgmental good yoga personality. I would be happy to take a class with her anytime.” ~ Dan C, AREA Yoga Student

“Janel was awesome – her class was energizing, rewarding, and a workout, as well. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for her name on the schedule going forward.”

~ Dan K, AREA Yoga Student

“Janel’s class was amazing! I went not knowing what to expect, especially because I tend to do power yoga / hot vinyasa classes. However, her class was exactly what I had hoped for, a nice combination of traditional yoga, with a lovely restorative ending. The music selection was fantastic throughout, but I really enjoyed how relaxing it was during the restorative poses and shavasana. I was able to fully let go and enter a meditative state, which is always my goal during yoga, but unfortunately not always achieved. I also enjoyed the use of essential oils to really set the mood. She also delivered beautiful references and closed the practice with a candle visualization that really helped me disconnect. This is a class you go to start of your week with the right mindset. Will definitely be back!” ~ Laura C, AREA Yoga Student

“Fantastic! Such a great class” ~ Susan B, AREA Yoga Student

“I really liked Janel’s class. It was in a pace that suited me and it was well instructed from beginning to end. Lots of careful hands on assist, which I like. Music was great. Wonderful savasana massage at the end!” ~ Augusta P, AREA Yoga Student

“I was very pleased with Janel. The class went the right speed for me, she allowed people to do more or less based on their ability/need, and she was attentive to the fact that I have an injury.” ~ Jeremy, AREA Yoga Student

“I very much enjoyed the class and her attention to me and other students.”

~ Susanne, AREA Yoga Student 


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Janels classes are amazing!! She inspires me every time and I love her creative sequencing. Plus: Her hands-on adjustments are the absolute best, subtle but always on point! Lots of love from Hamburg, Germany Katie


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