Prenatal Yoga

This January 2019, we will cover the following topics:

  • Week 1: Pregnancy-Safe Side Bends (Part 1)
  • Week 2: Ms. Abigail Groff will sub this class
  • Week 3: Pregnancy-Safe Side Bends (Part 2)
  • Week 4: Mama Hips: Squats and Lower-Body Conditioning

This December 2018, we will cover the following topics

  • Week 1: Heart-Centered Yoga: Chest Openers and Shoulder Stretches
  • Week 2: Mama Hips: Squats and Lower-body Conditioning
  • Week 3: Relax & Restore Yoga
  • Week 4: Pregnancy-Safe Backbends

This November 2018, we will cover the following topics

In her prenatal classes, Janel teaches students how to:

  • Access and activate pelvic floor musculature
  • Practice pelvic and spinal alignment to ease aching muscles
  • Use breath-work as a tool to practice mental focus and relax the nervous system
  • Cultivate physical and emotional awareness to ease the transition into parenthood

Janel threads her medical experience into the childbirth education portion of her prenatal classes. She will often weave in stories of her work as a senior medical student working in the maternity wards and birthing centers in Uganda. She enjoys sharing her experiences and enlightening others with the different ways childbirth is experienced all over the globe!

She incorporates the use of pelvic models, baby trainers and birthing props to help students visualize the physical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as to explain and simulate the process of childbirth. Her prenatal students gain an understanding of the importance of cultivating resilient pelvic floor muscles and overall body awareness.

If you are interested in individual or group childbirth education sessions with Janel, please contact her at: