Childbirth Education 101

Janel’s childbirth education classes draw upon her extensive and comprehensive training in women’s health. Her classes are anatomy-focused, evidence-based and science-driven. This rigorous approach to childbirth education is based upon Janel’s clinical experience working in maternity and postpartum care wards in the United States and abroad.

Janel completed her obstetrics and gynecology clerkship in Danbury Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Karina Haber in Connecticut. She completed her acting internship in gynecological oncology at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont under the supervision of Dr. Cheung Wong. She was awarded institutional honors for her work at the gynecology oncology service. She extended her work in women’s health into medical education and created a curriculum at the University of Vermont Medical College to train third-year medical students on procedural skills specific to women’s health and prenatal health care. Her work in undergraduate medical education was nationally awarded in 2018 at the annual Conference of the Council of Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology (CREOG) and the Association of Physicians of Gynecology and Obstetrics (APGO).

As a global health advocate and participant, she has worked in the labor and delivery wards in Mulago National Hospital in Uganda. She educated and counseled intercity youth in Kampala on sex education and sexual health.

Janel with her colleagues and mentor Dr. Elise Everett at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont

Janel has experience attending to vaginal births, assisted deliveries and c-sections in the US and abroad. She uses this experience to form the basis for her comprehensive child birth education curriculum. She offers group and private childbirth education sessions that allow pregnant mothers and/or their partners to:

  • Learn about labor, delivery and postpartum care: identify signs of labor, learn the physiology of vaginal labor, identify the normal stages of labor,  learn strategies to enhance postpartum wellness
  • Address your anxieties, concerns and fears about childbirth in a safe supportive setting: this is an opportunity to share your fears with other pregnant women (in a group setting) who may have the same concerns and dispel myths about childbirth and put your mind at ease
  • Connect with your partner or support system so they can support you during birth: learn how your partner can physically and emotionally support during your during your labor and postpartum period
  • Discuss options for pain management including breathing techniques, relaxation and visualization: learn both natural and pharmacological pain managment; also learn the advantages and disadvantages of common medications used in the hospitals such as epidurals
  • Learn the basics on medical interventions and possible complications: learn about common interventions such as fetal monitoring, IV lines, epidurals and c-sections and how these can influence your labor
  • Learn about basic newborn care such as neonatal visits to the pediatrician, vaccines, breastfeeding and newborn safety


  • $450 for private comprehensive 5-hour session which includes individualized topics customized to interest and values of expectant mother and/or couple
  • $125 per person for Prenatal Health 101 workshop at AREA Yoga on December 8, 2018 Saturday (register at www.Area.Yoga or using the MindBody app)